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No more waiting for WAITING. It's available HERE for purchase on my new website. For less than the cost of your daily coffee, you can finally BUY your own copy of my first single "Waiting". Performed and produced by Celina Marie and Brian Fox. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Fox.

I wrote this song from the perspective of my sister giving me advice about a certain someone I had just met two weeks prior. I never believed in love at first sight, but after living it, I do now. This song is from the heart, and I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of being impatient in life. I've learned that even though waiting is difficult to do, it's proven to work. 

Thank you to Brian Fox for adding so much to this song and for working so hard to make it sound so incredible. I am grateful. Thank you to my older sister for the advice and for holding my hand through life. Thank you to my mom, dad, brothers, family and friends for their on-going support with my music career, and to Tony for being the ultimate partner in life and music. 

Please share this with your friends and help spread my music. Thank you for taking the time to listen to and share this song. #nomorewaiting #waiting #freshfolkpop

August 2016 

It has been a wonderful year, full of brilliant live music collaborations, creative in-studio and live sessions and amazing teaching opportunities. This spring and summer have been no exception. 

My my first ever solo single is set to come out digitally on Sept 6 2016. It's called "Waiting". I'm looking forward to sharing it with the world. But for now, you'll have to wait.


In May, I got to play the Yonge & Dundas Square stage in downtown Toronto , in the band Sirens of Shanti for DesiFest 2016. That was a blast and a moment in my performance career I will never forget. Here is a live video of our performance. 

On Canada Day weekend, The Great Canadian Fiddle Show performed in front of the scariest rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland, the Behemoth. Over the weekend, we performed 6 shows for the people who attended the theme park. We were lucky enough to have time between sets and after the day of shows to enjoy the rides.

We are currently booking our 2016 Holiday tour. So keep a close eye on for official tour dates.

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